Understanding Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)- Law Addiction

In this era of technology and a fast legal landscape, resolving a dispute efficiently and effectively is important for individuals and business owners. Traditional litigation involves lengthy processes and substantial costs which affect both parties’ work and mental peace. As a result, alternative dispute resolution has emerged as a popular alternative tool for solving legal … Read more

How to Protect Your Brand Name?

How to Protect Your Brand Name

Your brand name is more than just a label; it’s the essence of your business’s identity. The brand name is the first impression which attracts your customers to buy something related to your business joint with your brand name. In this digital era, people are getting excited by knowing the names of different brands which … Read more

Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Entertainment Industry

Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Entertainment Industry

The role of Intellectual Property Rights in Entertainment Industry is big because IPR plays a different and unique role in safeguarding the creative works, innovations, brands, business secrets and investments of the industry. When it comes to the Entertainment industry, the IPRs especially Copyrights and trademarks come into the ground to protect the rights of … Read more

Power of Attorney in India

Power of Attorney

Nowadays, it is evident that every individual is running out of time and still has to manage numerous responsibilities, ranging from property management to contesting a lawsuit. However, fulfilling all these obligations single-handedly can be extremely challenging, especially when the person is not physically well or residing abroad. In such situations, the most viable option … Read more

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