Grounds on which an Arbitration Award can be Challenged

Grounds on which an Arbitration Award can be Challenged

Arbitration is a process of Alternative Dispute Resolution in which a third party which is called the arbitrator helps the parties in the dispute to solve the case by providing them the Arbitration award. This process has many benefits because it helps you to solve the case without consuming much time and money. Many companies … Read more

Why Patent Search is Important Before Filing?

Why Patent Search is Important Before Filing

Filing a patent application is one of the important steps for the inventor or a company to secure the invention. He can take the benefits of patent rights for 20 years from the filing date. However, before filing the patent application in the IPO, you must thoroughly conduct the patent search because it is the … Read more

Why an invention should be patented rather than kept secret?

Why an invention should be patented rather than kept secret

In the present time, patents are one of the major properties of a person which help him to grow in his business. Patents are the creation of the mind and are subject to the protection provided under the Patents Act of 1970. This right is provided for 20 years from the date of filing and … Read more

Lok Adalat under ADR

Lok Adalat under ADR

Lok Adalat is called People’s Court in English, it is completely based on the principles of Gandhism. In today’s time, it is an essential part of our country’s judicial system. It is part of ADR, which resolves the pending cases in the court or disputes that can be settled quickly and well. In this, most … Read more

The Process of Mediation under ADR

Process of Mediation under ADR

In the present time, the courts are full of cases, and it is the main cause that your case may take lots of time to be solved by the courts. You need to wait for the final judgment in your case. But there is a fast remedy to solve your civil dispute which is called … Read more

Arbitration: A Comprehensive Guide to Alternative Dispute Resolution


Arbitration is a part of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) in which a dispute is resolved outside the court by appointing a third person. In this, the third person appointed to decide is called an arbitrator. Arbitration is mostly used to resolve commercial disputes. In this article, we will discuss about the arbitration and its process … Read more

Publication of a Patent Application

Publication of a Patent Application

In the field of intellectual property rights, patents are important rights which secure the new product or process made by a person which is novel, non-obvious and capable of industrial application. Publication of a patent application shows that such application for an invention has been filed by a person who is the owner of that product … Read more

The Popular Methods of Patent Valuation

Methods of Patent Valuation

Patent valuation is very important for companies or individuals who are looking to buy, sell or plan to license patents. However, it is not an easy process because as we know patents are intangible property, and it has the potential to change is value over time. Unlike trademarks, where the brand value depends upon the … Read more

Understanding Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)- Law Addiction

In this era of technology and a fast legal landscape, resolving a dispute efficiently and effectively is important for individuals and business owners. Traditional litigation involves lengthy processes and substantial costs which affect both parties’ work and mental peace. As a result, alternative dispute resolution has emerged as a popular alternative tool for solving legal … Read more

Types of Patent Licensing in Indian Law

Licensing of Patent in Indian Law

Patent right provides the exclusive rights to the Patentee to stop others from making, using, or selling the patented product or process. But what if another person also wants to make or use the same invention? Here comes the role of Patent Licensing. Bringing a patent into the market for selling purposes is not easy … Read more