How to Protect Your Brand Name?

Your brand name is more than just a label; it’s the essence of your business’s identity. The brand name is the first impression which attracts your customers to buy something related to your business joint with your brand name. In this digital era, people are getting excited by knowing the names of different brands which are fulfilling their needs. People usually get attracted to the brands due to their services and brand value. But sometimes we don’t protect our brand name with the help of intellectual properties which can cause us loss in our brand value and someone else can overtake our business and brand name. In this article, we are going to discuss why we should protect our brand name and how we can protect our brand name from others.

What is a brand?

 A brand is the identity of a business which shows the reputation and promise made by a business to the customers by selling the best products and services to their customers. A brand can be a mixture of logos, colours, design, or anything which attracts people. The brand helps the owner of this brand to generate money by selling his product and services in the name of such brand.

Why Does Brand Name Protection Matter?

Any person who owns a business must know that he needs to protect his brand with the help of intellectual property rights. Let us know some important points which shows that why brand name protection matters:

Identity and recognition

Your brand is the first and most important identity of your business. The people will recognise your product and services with your brand name. Whenever you think about McDonald’s, your brain memory just shows the picture of McDonald’s products. This is called brand identity and recognition.

Trust and Reputation

A brand name builds trust with your customers. Whenever a customer sees your brand name. He will think about your products and services which were given by you to him. This is called the trust and reputation made by a brand with its customers.

Price and value

Have you ever noticed that any brand which is famous and has a strong reputation offers higher prices for their product and services? This only happens due to their identity and trust with their customers. This directly means that if your brand has gained trust and reputation in the market, you can generate lots of money with the help of your brand. 

Prevent confusion and brand dilution

In this era, it is most common for most people are use the same names for their goods and services which can confuse the customers to buy the product from the one who was originally selling that product or service at good price and quality. If you think that your brand is capable of doing great, then you should trademark your name so that no one can use the name of your brand  so that your customers could not get confused between your brand and other fake brands  

Legal recognition

A brand which is already registered under intellectual property rights has the authority to file a case against another person who is using the name of your brand. But without this protection, it will become most challenging for you to stop others from infringing your brand.

Future growth

Once you have registered your brand name, you can sell products and services with the help of your brand and in future there are many possibilities that your brand will get famous and it will become most profitable for you to work in the same field. 

Global expansion

Once you get your brand name protected, then you can expand your business globally with the help of your brand name because, without the protection of your brand name, there are high chance that any other person can use your name and start his business in another country with the same brand name.  

Customer loyalty

You must have seen that many people are still using the same brand for a long period. This all happens due to the trust and good services of a brand. it means if you can sell your products or services at a reasonable price and good quality, then you can gain the loyalty of your customers.  

How to protect your brand name?

After knowing about the points related to why you should register your brand name. Now you should know about how to protect your brand name so that anyone should not use the same name or your logo to sell the product or services in your name.

Here are some effective steps to safeguard your brand name and its value and reputation in the market.

Trademark search

Conducted research on the Internet to ensure that none of the people have used the same brand name already in the market to sell any product or services. With such a name. There are loads of software programs which help people to search for their trademarks. You can take the help of these software or websites to search for yourself.

Registration of brand

After completing the trademark search for your brand name, if you are sure that there is no brand name like your wishing brand name then you can directly go for registration of trademark for your brand name. we have written articles on what is a trademark and the registration of a trademark. You can check this article so that you can know the process how registering your trademark in the trademark office.

Copyright your logo

The next step is to take the copyright for your logo or any simple colours which you need to use for your representation of the brand. You must have seen that every brand has its logo which is already registered under the copyright. You can also copyright your logo. We already have written an article on what is copyright and how you can protect your copyright. You can check that article for your reference.

Online presence of your brand

After taking the copyright and trademark for your brand name, you should go for the online presence of your brand name. In the present time, lots of businesses are online so it is the best method for you to slow down the competition for yourself by getting your brand online. to make your brand online, you should purchase a website with the same domain name so that any person who knows your brand offline can get your online website easily. It will also help you to make your customers online and from different states and countries.

Monitor your competitors

The present time is full of entrepreneurs and start-ups. it means there are high chance that somebody is going to give you competition in the field in which you are working. That is why it becomes necessary for you to Mona or competitors how they are enhancing their business.  You can research their ideas and find another way to build a reputation and trust with your customers. 

Ready for infringement

When you start building trust and a reputation in the market, there are high chances that other people will try to infringe on your brand name. To stop those person doing so you should be ready to file an infringement suit against such persons so that your brand value trust could remain the same with your customers.

Make social media accounts

It is one of the best methods to promote your brand by making social media accounts and posting related to your product and services. For example, if you are starting a business related to food, then you can start a social media account where you will publish posts related to your foods and services with the location of your cafes.  This will attract the people who are living near your location and will try your food. If your services are good, then there are high chances that they will visit your cafe again and again which will help you to grow your business.

These are some points which can be used to protect your brand name. You can choose these methods to protect your brand name so that nobody can use the name of your brand to sell, cheap or untrustworthy products by taking the help of your brand. 


In this era of advanced technology, there are lots of things which can be dangerous for your business and brand name. So, it is highly recommended that each person who is going to start their business he or she should protect their brand name so that nobody can steal their brand name and brand value. There are lots of intellectual property rights available which can be used by the person to secure their invention or creation.

I hope that you have gained knowledge about why you should protect your brand name and how you can protect it with the help of intellectual property rights. You can give your views in the comment box related to this article. 

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