Restoration of Lapsed Design under Design Act

Restoration of Lapsed Design

A design is a legal protection granted to the person who has created a new Design which is novel and non-obvious from all other existing designs. Our previous article related to what is a design patent and the design registration process shows why the patent is an important part of securing our invention. In this … Read more

Design Infringement and Remedies under The Design Act

Design Infringement and Remedies

Same as other intellectual property rights, there is apprehension of Design infringement as well.  In this era of technology, there is a high chance that many people are trying to do the same work or trying to pirate things which are already registered under the Indian patent offices. In our previous articles related to what … Read more

Design Registration Process under Designs Act

Design Registration Process

The design registration helps the inventor to get his design. Patent register in the Design Office. The design process consists of many different steps which are mandatory to be followed by the person going to register his design under the Design Act, of 2000. In this article, we are going to discuss the design registration … Read more

What is a Design Patent?

image showing Design Patent

In the field of Intellectual property rights, including Utility patents, design patents also play a crucial role in protecting the unique and attractive design of the product. As the Utility patents protect the functions and features of the invention, the design patents help to preserve the ornamental or aesthetic qualities of that invention. So, this … Read more

Power of Attorney in India

Power of Attorney

Nowadays, it is evident that every individual is running out of time and still has to manage numerous responsibilities, ranging from property management to contesting a lawsuit. However, fulfilling all these obligations single-handedly can be extremely challenging, especially when the person is not physically well or residing abroad. In such situations, the most viable option … Read more

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