The Role of IP Attorneys

The Role of IP Attorneys: Protecting Your Intellectual Property

In the present time, intellectual property rights are one of the most important assets for an individual or a businessperson. The intellectual properties include important things like inventions, brand names, any artistic work or any secrets related to their trades. A person needs to protect these valuable assets, and this is where the role of IP attorneys comes to play.

In this article, we will discuss who are IP attorneys and how they help businesses and inventors protect their intellectual properties.

What is an IP attorney?

IP attorneys are advocates or lawyers who specialise in intellectual property. Their main aim is to work with the people and industries to protect their intellectual properties to protect these intellectual properties. IP attorneys must do many works like filing patent applications to protect new inventions, to registering the trademarks so that they can protect your brand name and logos to secure your artistic work by the filing of design application. They will help you to file your copyright for that creation. If you have any trade secret related to your business, then these IP attorneys also help you to protect your trade secret by filing it, in the intellectual property rights office.

An IP attorney also helps you to enforce your IP rights by providing you the guidelines about the filing of an infringement suit if anyone tries to infringe or protect intellectual property.

The role of IP attorneys

IP Attorneys play an important role in helping their clients by enforcing their IP rights. Including different IPs like patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, and trade secrets. The role of an IP attorney is very important for safeguarding the creation and innovations that help in individual or company to build economic growth. So, let us know what an IP lawyer does for his client.

Advising clients

IP attorneys provide expert advice to their clients on how to protect their intellectual property. IP lawyers help their clients to identify whether the invention or creation created by their client is a new and creative invention or is just a copy of another’s invention. They also guide them by telling the legal process required to secure their IP rights.

Prior art search

Your IP attorney can do a thorough prior art search for your invention so that he can check and be sure that your invention is novel, non-obvious and capable of industrial application, and if you have created a thing which can be copyrighted, then he check thoroughly that this creation is original and new for everyone. Similarly, if you have created any logo or thinking about a trademark, then your IP attorney can help you to identify whether such a logo can be trademarked or not.

Filing of application

It is the main work of the IP attorney that after having a thorough prior search, he helps you to file the application for your invention or creation or your trade secret so that your intellectual property can be protected under intellectual property rights.

An IP lawyer helps you to make necessary documents which are relevant to apply for the protection of your IP. To do so, you just need to authorize your IP attorney to file your application on your behalf.

Representing clients

IP advocates represent their clients in different types of legal disputes related to intellectual property. These can include attending hearings of patents, designs, copyrights, or trademarks and defending his client against the infringement claims or taking any legal action against other persons who have infringed the intellectual properties of their clients.


An IP Attorney has the skill of negotiation, so if you are thinking about selling your technology to others or want to buy technology from others, then your IP attorney can help you negotiate with your clients on your behalf. he can also help you to do the valuation of a patent and can tell you about the pros and cons to buy or sell such technology.


The IP attorney can help their clients with the commercialisation. The commendation includes meetings with the clients to find the clients and to crack a deal with their clients so that you can launch the product in the market for commercialisation. He can also help you to prepare a necessary document related to the commercialisation and to make the agreement between you and your clients.

How to choose the right IP attorneysHow to choose the right IP attorneys

Selecting the right IP attorney for the protection of your intellectual property is very important because protecting intellectual property requires experience and specialisation in that field. There are some key factors which can be considered while choosing the right IP attorney.


An IP attorney should have experience in the field of intellectual property rights, and he must be working in that field so that you can use his experience and advice to protect your intellectual property with the help of an IP attorney.


You must ensure that the IP attorney chosen by you is specialised in the field of intellectual property rights. if you are going to file a patent application with the help of your IP attorney, then you should check that such an IP lawyer is working or has a specialisation in the field of IPR. It will be a win-win situation for you if that IP attorney has also registered as a registered patent agent.

Communication skills

The IP attorney must communicate with the intellectual property officers while attending the hearings related to the IPs. So, if the IP attorney can communicate effectively and can communicate your technology with these officials perfectly, then there are high chance that your technology can be accepted for protection.


Always choose an attorney who is accessible and responsive to your needs. He must provide you the timely updates and feedback regarding the status of your application for the protection of an invention or creation.


Who is an IP attorney?

IP attorney is a registered advocate, who knows the intellectual property right. He has a specialisation in the IPR and helps you to protect your intellectual properties.

What is the primary role of IP attorneys?

The Main role of IP attorneys is to protect and manage intellectual properties, including patents, designs, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. He provides legal advice, applies, conducts the prior search, and represents his client in any dispute related to intellectual properties.

What role do IP lawyers play in protecting trade secrets?

IP lawyers help to protect trade secrets by drafting the non-disclosure agreement which is a very important document to secure the trade secret. They also deal with the cases of trade secret theft to secure confidential business information.


An IP attorney plays an important role in securing your business with the help of protecting your intellectual properties. He can help you in many ways if you are stuck in any type of legal problem with your intellectual property. IP Attorneys can help you collect evidence, represent you in court, negotiate, finding ways to solve your problems with the help of alternative dispute resolutions like mediation, negotiation, conciliation, or arbitration.

In simple words, it will be beneficial for you if you take the help of an attorney to protect your IP rights because these advocates have experience in the field of IPR and can help you to secure your invention in more authentic ways.

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