The Popular Methods of Patent Valuation

Methods of Patent Valuation

Patent valuation is very important for companies or individuals who are looking to buy, sell or plan to license patents. However, it is not an easy process because as we know patents are intangible property, and it has the potential to change is value over time. Unlike trademarks, where the brand value depends upon the … Read more

Types of Patent Licensing in Indian Law

Licensing of Patent in Indian Law

Patent right provides the exclusive rights to the Patentee to stop others from making, using, or selling the patented product or process. But what if another person also wants to make or use the same invention? Here comes the role of Patent Licensing. Bringing a patent into the market for selling purposes is not easy … Read more

What is a Patent of Addition?

Patent of Addition

After filing an invention, there is a high chance of an improvement or modification. It is a natural process that the Inventor may make some improvements or modifications to his old invention, which can be the result of feedback received by the industry when he introduces his product in the market. In cases where the … Read more

4 Key Types of Patent Infringement

Types of Patent Infringement

In the present time, patent infringement can be done in many ways. There are lots of technologies in the market which are almost similar or are modifications of old technologies, so there are high chance that any other person can make use of or sell the patented product or process.  It becomes important for the … Read more

Publication of a Patent Application

Publication of a Patent Application

In the field of intellectual property rights, patents are important rights which secure the new product or process made by a person which is novel, non-obvious and capable of industrial application. Publication of a patent application shows that such application for an invention has been filed by a person who is the owner of that product … Read more

What is a Design Patent?

image showing Design Patent

In the field of Intellectual property rights, including Utility patents, design patents also play a crucial role in protecting the unique and attractive design of the product. As the Utility patents protect the functions and features of the invention, the design patents help to preserve the ornamental or aesthetic qualities of that invention. So, this … Read more

Examination Process of a Patent Application

Examination Process of a Patent Application

The patent is an exclusive right and to get this right, you need to secure your invention by filing it in the patent office. To apply, you need to follow the process to file a patent application in India. In this process, there is a step of examination for the different types of patent applications … Read more

7 Most Common Types of Patent Applications being Used in India

Types of Patent Applications

As we know about what is a patent, we can say that anything which can be used to solve the problem and new to everyone can be patented. There are different types of patent applications which can be filed by the inventor to get his invention patented so that he could use different rights of … Read more

What is a Patent? Types of patents

What is a Patent? Types of patents

In the field of Intellectual property, patents are the guardians of the innovation which ensures the advancement of the world for tomorrow. It feels safe when we imagine a world with mind-blowing ideas and revolutionary inventions all around. The patent is all about the invention which can make our life better without harming others. It … Read more

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